Kuusins is an enchanted linen lingerie brand with Latvian spirit, specializing in embroidered intimates. Founded by two best friends in Riga, Latvia, it embodies inspiration found in the gentle nature and strong traditions of our country. Our brand is putting a modern twist on linen clothing whilst bringing back embroidered undergarments for both women and men. We create custom handmade lingerie- panties and tops as well as shorts and rompers for ladies, and boxers for gents. Each item is hand crafted and one of a kind, made only of natural materials, such as linen and cotton. Embroideries are done manually, and, just like color combination and lace, can be chosen by the client to meet his or her needs to the fullest. In the relatively short period of existence, the brand has already been appreciated by professionals in various fields, receiving marketing award ADWARDS 2016 Silver medal for it’s popular debut videos and Label of the Year 2016 Special Prize for the best logo design.