General Director of the store, TOM Tommasini (Italy)

Pietro Tanduo

Born in Venice on April 21, 1967

Having completed my education with the Diploma degree in Accounting, I worked at a large store with an area of 1,000 square meters, wherein household products and toys were sold, for the period from 1987 to 1989.

In 1990, I switched to GRUPPO COIN where I gained experience as branch Manager, Area Manager and Franchise Coordinator.

I have been holding these positions for 19 years almost throughout the entire country.

Having changed the industry drastically, I worked in the world of cars and marine vehicles for 4 years and was responsible for the reorganization of work resources and a warehouse at the historic company of Turin, which sold polishing products.

Over next 2 years, I worked in the shipping company engaged in high-level furniture equipment for yachts and cruise ships.

I have worked at various shipyards in America, the Bahamas, Singapore, Italy, France and Germany as a logistics coordinator between the port and the board with various companies, but above all for Holland America Cruise Company.

Currently, I have been working as Director at Tommasini Spa for almost a year.

This is a historic company of the territory of Venice, which has been operating in the retail world for many decades, has its own sales outlet, with an area of 12 thousand square meters, and 170 employees.

Recently, Italian owners have sold 100% of their shares to a holding company from Dubai and this Company has a local administrator.

We offer multi-brand products in the market, and this mixture represents the main advantage of our Company for those who focus on products for middle class.

Our store offers a very wide selection of men’s, women’s, children’s and sports clothes, as well as items for home setting.

Our goal is to get consolidated in the local market with the increase in sales area, and develop a reproducible format abroad in the form of small shopping malls.